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Iravin Nizhal Tamil movie online (2022): Iravin Nizhal is an Independent Thriller film that got released on 15th July 2022. The movie has given has far beyond the expectation of the audience. It was directed and written by R. Parthiban. R. Parthiban also played a lead role in the movie.
The entire story focus on his character who also appears to be the narrator of the movie. The movie contains six well-written and composed songs. All the music of the songs has been given by A.R Rahman. Iravin Nizhal movie name has been listed in the India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records for being a First Asian non-linear single-shot Film.
It contains a 96-minute long unedited and uncut shot that doesn’t have any single error. But it took 23 takes for the makers to complete this one single shot without any error.
First of all, before telling a review of the Iravin Nizhal movie let us tell you that this movie has got a 3.5 rating out of 5 from Times of India Critics and On IMDb, it has got 9.7 out of 10. This stated that overall movie has received a fantastic review.
It is not a slow movie that will lead the audience to lose their interest in fact there are too many ideas applied in this movie that makes it makes it a defining and well-directed movie. It gives the audience a different experience and makes it a good to watch a movie.
Sharing the story of the movie then you will find actor Parthiban playing the lead role of Nandu. Nandu use to be a film financer who later finds that police are finding him to arrest him. He then runs which turns this movie’s first half into a Run with a Gun movie. While he runs audience gets to see a lot of bloodshed, sweat, and tears.
Nandu then took the help of godman Patamananda (Robo Shankar). He use to be a fake godman. But Nandu thinks that he is the only one who will save him. And then he hides and resides in his Ashram. While residing in Ashram Nandu thoughts of the different events that happened in his life since his childhood. Then the movie story shows us the 50 years of a Protagonist’s life.
The audience will love to see 60 different time periods portrayed of the lead character with multiple abstract, different costumes, make-up changes, and visual perceptions. Till the end movie show how Nandu got involved in the dark world of sins, theft, and lies.
The Iravin Nizhal movie also shows the characters on-behalf of whom Nandu started his life as a criminal when he came to know that he is an orphan. Overall the movie is the complete tale of the rising and fall of the character Nandu.
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R. Parthiban has directed the movie Iravin Nizhal.
Iravin Nizhal movie is distributed by V Creations.
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