Gibbs attends White House celebration –

Chris Gibbs, of Maplewood, stands in front of the White House during Tuesday’s Inflation Reduction Act signing celebration.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Chris Gibbs, board president of Rural Voices USA, the nationwide network of rural leaders working to ensure rural Americans have a voice in policies that impact their livelihoods, was in attendance at the White House Tuesday at an event celebrating the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.
Gibbs, of Maplewood, Ohio, attended the White House Inflation Reduction Act signing celebration Tuesday after Rural Voices USA championed many of the investments made in the bill that will benefit rural communities.
“Rural Voices USA commends the Biden Administration on its efforts in prioritizing the needs of American rural communities. The Inflation Reduction Act makes historic investments in Americans future by strengthening rural communities’ tools to fight against climate change. These climate-smart agricultural policies provide opportunities for rural communities to lead the way in expanding access to cleaner energy and help equip rural America to be the driving force in a cleaner and more reliable energy economy. The bill also includes timely investments in biofuels deployment that will help at the pump and on the farm,” said Gibbs.
The Inflation Reduction Act includes provisions for lowering prescription drug costs, dealing with the climate crisis, reducing deficit and makes corporations pay their share of taxes.
“By taking this climate-smart approach, the Biden Administration is doubling down on its commitment to build an economy that works for working families. This law will help create brighter future for rural Americans by investing in the communities, lowering costs and expanding access to more affordable energy,” Gibbs said.
“At Rural Voices USA, we will continue to ensure that the voices of rural Americans are heard and that policy solutions provide rural America with opportunities to expand their role in creating clean energy solutions,” he said.
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