Hungarian opposition: EP approved minimum wage regulations –

The European Parliament has approved European regulations on the minimum wage, opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) MEP Klára Dobrev said on Wednesday.
Like all European Union governments, the Orbán government will be obliged to introduce the regulations, which will significantly increase the minimum wage in Hungary, she told an online press conference. “This is a large step towards the United States of Europe in which Hungarians are not secondary to other Europeans, and their work is not worth less than that of other Europeans,” she added.
The legislation would tie the government’s calculations of the minimum wage to EU guidelines, and deviation would only be possible after consulting the EC, Dobrev said. Dobrev said the aim was for the minimum wage to reach 60 percent of the median wage in Hungary. Then it would be over HUF 30,000 (EUR 75) more than the current amount, she said.
Source: MTI
Damn – there goes our Unique Selling Point – cheap labour, long hours!
“The average wages in Hungary are ca. 60% less than the average of the EU 27, which makes the Hungarian workforce highly competitive. … (a) high number of working hours/year make Hungarians a highly efficient workforce.”
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