Newspaper headlines: 'Window for peace', and 'final warning' from West –

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The front pages examine the hopes of President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Boris Johnson that war may yet be averted in Ukraine.
"Diplomacy can still save Ukraine" is the headline in the Times, while the Daily Telegraph says ""Window for peace is open".
The Financial Times focuses on comments from Russia's foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, that there could be a diplomatic "way forward".
The Guardian stresses Mr Johnson's message – that the situation is "very, very dangerous" while the i newspaper and the Daily Mirror both suggest that the West is making "last-ditch" efforts to stop a conflict, or as the Daily Express puts it – President Putin is being given his "final warning".
In its editorial, the Sun underlines the importance of the West remaining united. It insists that if Russia invades, Moscow should be left "totally isolated economically".
In the Times, the former Conservative leader, William Hague, suggests Mr Putin is determined to rebuild the Russian empire and thinks any invasion would pose a crisis for the West rather than to him – and that Russia cannot be frozen out.
The i newspaper's editor believes it is unlikely that the Russian leader will delay any military operation, suggesting this might give European countries time to improve their energy security and supply chains.
The Guardian's leader column notes that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz may be the last Western leader to hold talks in Moscow before Russian troops cross into Ukraine. It says his words should carry some weight, given Germany's close economic ties.
The Daily Mail leads on the revelation – from the inquiry into the Post Office computer scandal – that 33 people falsely accused of taking money from their branches had died waiting for justice.
The Mail describes the affair as the "biggest and most heartbreaking miscarriage of justice" in British legal history.
The head of the water industry regulator, Ofwat, has told the Telegraph that company bosses should have their pay linked to levels of pollution. David Black says he understands customers' frustrations about large bonuses being paid out to poorly performing firms.
The Mirror suggests water company bosses are what it calls "flush … with cash" saying nine of them received a total of more than £15m in pay and bonuses last year. At the same the number of times raw sewage was pumped into the sea or rivers rose by 37%.
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It is "better late than never", according to the Times as it reports on the benefits of starting exercise in your seventies. A study says that pensioners who exercise for 20 minutes a day have significantly lower rates of heart disease.
And the rising cost of petrol is illustrated in the Mail with a Pugh cartoon of a woman dismissing her Valentine chocolates, with the words: "Big deal. Sue from next door's husband splashed out and gave her a full tank of petrol."
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