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PIERCE — The 45th annual Pierce Old Time Threshers Bee returns on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 17-18, at the Pierce County Fairgrounds.
This year’s features are Hart-Parr, Oliver, Cockshutt and White Tractors and Equipment with Stover Engines.
The late 1920s and early 1930s were hard times for farm equipment manufacturers. There were many companies that made only a few items for the farm industry.
Those little companies were learning that they would not survive with a limited product line. Many of these companies either merged with or were bought out by other farm equipment manufacturers. Four of those companies were, Nichols & Shepard formed in 1848, Oliver Chilled Plow Works formed in 1855, Hart Parr Tractor Works formed in 1900 and American Seeding Company formed in 1901, merged in 1929 to form Oliver Farm Equipment Company.
Oliver Farm Equipment kept adding other companies with different lines of equipment to the company through the 1940s. The 1950s started another hard time for farm equipment companies and Oliver did not have a big enough market share to be able to continue without financial assistance.
White Truck Co. was looking for expansion and bought Oliver Farm Equipment in 1960. White Farm Equipment decided to expand the farm equipment line in 1962 with the purchase of Cockshutt, a Canadian farm equipment manufacturer. Further expansion happened in 1963 with the purchase of Minneapolis Moline.
The 1980s brought another financial downturn. This time the farm market and the truck market were hit. The financial problems followed White Farm Equipment through several reorganizations and new owners until most of the company ended up as part of AGCO.
The featured gas engine for 2022 will be Stover Engines. Stover and Oliver worked together on many projects through the years. The small gas engine was a real work horse on many farms.
These engines did everything from pumping water to grinding feed to washing clothes.
Activities at the Pierce Threshing Bee show both Saturday and Sunday are:
Threshing or separating the grain (at the show oats will be used) from the stem or straw of the plants. The oats were cut and bundled several weeks ago so they are dry enough for the threshing operation.
The leftover straw is baled to make bedding for the farm animals.
Corn shelling, which includes after the corn ear is picked from the stalk, the ears are run through the corn sheller. The corn is separated from the cobs, and the corn is augured into a wagon while the cobs are piled up for other uses.
Green corn stalks are cut from the field and fed through a machine that chops it into small pieces that can be feed to cows.
Those attending will hear the roar of the gasoline engines and tractors. The engines were used for various tasks, such as pumping water, generating electricity and grinding corn. The tractors came along later to replace the horse in most farming operations.
Other events of interest are:
Saturday 8 a.m. — FFA tractor driving contest.
Saturday 9 a.m. — Antique auction.
Sunday 9 a.m. — Church service with the Prodigal Sons.
There again will be a Saturday evening banquet, followed by a speaker connected with the feature tractor brand. The speaker will be Rod Hughes, the former White Farm Equipment dealer in Norfolk, and John Schoenauer, Central States Hart-Parr Oliver collector president.
Reservations for the banquet should be made at the registration building by 2 p.m.
Both days feature fun for the whole family and demonstrations of old-time farming. Activities for the kids include potato digging, a money scramble in a pile of straw, pony rides and a pedal tractor pull.
All activities are free.
MADISON — The annual financial blueprint for Madison County is close to being wrapped up after the Board of Commissioners met Tuesday evening to again work on balancing available resources with anticipated expenses.
The fall season of shows at the Fred G. Dale Planetarium at Wayne State College kicked off in early September, and the shows will continue every weekend, featuring entertaining and informative full-dome shows like Astronaut, Oasis in Space, and From Earth to the Universe.
CHICAGO (AP) — A 21-year-old sailor will be laid to rest on Tuesday following a decades-long effort to identify remains pulled from Pearl Harbor, more than 80 years after he was killed in the attack that propelled the United States into World War II.
A man on probation for a felony drug conviction was arrested on Monday following a search of his property.
A group of students at Northeast Community College play an integral role on the Norfolk campus.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Heavy rains Monday unleashed mudslides in a mountain area east of Los Angeles that burned two years ago, sending boulders and other debris across roads and prompting evacuation and shelter-in-place orders for thousands of residents.
PIERCE — The 45th annual Pierce Old Time Threshers Bee returns on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 17-18, at the Pierce County Fairgrounds.
Lots of rainbows emerged on Saturday after a rainy morning.
A teenage boy was arrested in Norfolk late Tuesday following an alleged sexual assault in Woodland Park. 
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