Digital Resonance: How the 2023 G20 Summit in New Delhi Captivated the World Online

2023 G20 New Delhi Summit

The recently concluded 2023 G20 Summit in New Delhi has garnered significant global attention, particularly during the past weekend. The English Wikipedia article titled “2023 G20 New Delhi Summit,” which was published in October 2022, has seen a remarkable surge in popularity, accumulating a staggering 1.7 million global page views.

2023 G20 Summit in New Delhi

2023 G20 Summit in New Delhi

The G20 Summit held in New Delhi placed India squarely in the international spotlight for an extended period. This newfound global focus translated into a remarkable increase in pageviews for the English Wikipedia article. In August 2023, pageviews witnessed a fourfold increase compared to July 2023, totaling over 220,000. Within the first two weeks of September 2023, these numbers soared even higher, exceeding 550,000 pageviews.

The heightened interest in this article reflects not only the global fascination with the event itself but also underscores India’s prominence on the international stage. The G20 Summit, coupled with India’s presidency, has ignited widespread curiosity and engagement.

2023 G20 New Delhi Summit

This fascination extends far beyond the English-speaking audience, as the article has been translated into 18 languages, including French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. These translations have collectively garnered over 1.96 million pageviews. A dedicated team of volunteer editors has tirelessly contributed to the article’s accuracy and completeness, with 166 editors making over 450 edits since its publication.

While Wikipedia remained a valuable source of information, other digital platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube played pivotal roles in disseminating information and fostering discussions. India’s official G20 Presidency Twitter account, @g20org, garnered substantial attention with a followership of 644.4K. The strategic use of popular hashtags like #G20India and #G20OfCourse facilitated conversations, allowing users to share insights and opinions about the summit.

YouTube, another influential platform, emerged as a primary source for live streaming the G20 Summit. The official G20 YouTube channel, boasting 67.4K subscribers, provided an accessible medium for people worldwide to watch the proceedings in real-time. Additionally, various Indian government YouTube channels, including PMO (Prime Minister’s Office), MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), and PIB (Press Information Bureau), also live-streamed the summit and uploaded videos of various bilateral discussions, amassing a significant number of views. This shift towards online streaming reflects a broader trend of individuals preferring digital platforms over traditional television for accessing important events.

The surge in online engagement during the G20 Summit underscores the growing influence of social media and digital platforms in shaping public discourse and disseminating information. It exemplifies the global community’s evolving preferences for accessing and participating in significant international events.

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