Kejriwal’s ED Summons and the Alleged BJP Maneuvering – 2024

In the heart of New Delhi’s political arena, a storm is brewing as the Enforcement Directorate (ED) once again summons Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for questioning in the ongoing excise policy case. Scheduled for January 18, this marks the fourth summons, igniting a flurry of accusations and speculations. Let’s delve into the unfolding drama.

Kejriwal, ED summons, and BJP allegations

The Allegations Unveiled

As the news broke, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) promptly voiced their concerns, alleging that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is orchestrating a misuse of the ED to hinder Kejriwal’s involvement in the upcoming general elections. Gopal Rai, AAP’s Delhi state convener and environment minister, expressed disbelief at the timing, linking the summons strategically to Kejriwal’s scheduled Goa tour for Lok Sabha election preparations.

Connecting the Dots: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Rai, in a press conference, pointed out the apparent synchronicity between AAP’s announcement of Kejriwal’s Goa visit on Friday and the ED’s summon on Saturday. “This is no coincidence,” alleged Rai, raising eyebrows about the motive behind the precise timing of the summons.

ED’s Role: Constitutional Body or Political Pawn?

In response, Rai urged the ED to maintain its constitutional integrity, cautioning against transforming into a political weapon for the BJP. He emphasized the importance of the ED remaining impartial and not serving as the party’s frontal organization.

Legal Chess Moves: Kejriwal’s Response

The looming question arises: Will Kejriwal comply with the ED’s summons this time? Rai disclosed that they are consulting their legal team, determining their course of action based on legal advice. The uncertainty adds another layer to the already complex political drama.

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BJP’s Counterattack: Accusations of Fugitivity and Political Color

Delhi BJP countered, accusing Kejriwal of adopting a “fugitive” stance and his party of giving a “political colour” to the ED’s probe. The CM’s avoidance of three previous summonses related to the alleged excise policy scam raises questions about the nature of his resistance.

Unveiling Leaked Notices: BJP’s Hand or ED’s Oversight?

Rai raised a significant concern about the alleged leakage of ED’s notice to the media before reaching the CM. He asserted, “ED is a constitutional body. How was its notice leaked? This is not the work of a constitutional body; it is the BJP’s work.” These claims fuel the narrative that BJP aims to obstruct opposition leaders, particularly during crucial election campaigns.

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BJP’s Response: Unraveling the Veil of Pretended Honesty

Reacting to the allegations, Delhi BJP chief Virendra Sachdeva challenged Kejriwal’s consistency in responding to ED summonses. Sachdeva highlighted the apparent contradiction in Kejriwal allowing others to join the probe but resisting when the investigation reached his doorstep. He boldly stated, “AAP and Kejriwal have understood that the veil has been lifted off their pretended honesty.”


As the political chessboard unfolds its intricate moves, the ED’s summons to Arvind Kejriwal becomes a pivotal piece in the game. The allegations, counteraccusations, and the looming question of legal compliance paint a picture of political tension. The controversy surrounding the excise policy case intertwines with the broader narrative of election preparations, revealing a complex web of motives and strategies.

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