Netflix has decided against releasing Halle Berry’s anticipated sci-fi venture 2024

Netflix has decided against releasing Halle Berry’s anticipated sci-fi venture, “The Mothership,” according to exclusive information obtained by TheWrap. Insiders revealed on Wednesday that the film’s extensive post-production phase and unresolved issues led Netflix to halt its progression.

Berry is set to lead in “The Union,” her next project exclusively for Netflix. This verdict was made after careful consideration, with continued backing for the film’s production team, disclosed a knowledgeable source to TheWrap.

“The Mothership” narrates the story of Sara, portrayed by Berry, a year after her spouse vanishes mysteriously. As she and her children uncover signs of extraterrestrial presence beneath their dwelling, a potential clue to his whereabouts emerges.

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In Netflix’s 2022 preview, “The Mothership” was highlighted alongside other forthcoming releases such as the Ryan Gosling-led action film “The Gray Man” and Guillermo del Toro’s animated feature “Pinocchio.” This revelation coincided with Netflix’s recent earnings call, where co-CEO Ted Sarandos expressed enthusiasm for their upcoming content slate.

“Fans prioritize the emotional impact of a movie over its budget or release schedule,” Sarandos articulated. “They crave stories that evoke laughter, tears, or spark engaging conversations.” Sarandos reaffirmed Netflix’s commitment to original productions, citing their distinctiveness as a key competitive advantage.

“Our strategy remains unchanged. We believe our diverse content mix—comprising new releases, licensed content, and classic titles—is optimal for global entertainment,” he affirmed. During the earnings call, Netflix reiterated its focus on digital assets, signaling a preference for streaming over traditional theatrical releases—a stance reportedly contested by former film chief Scott Stuber.

Netflix continues to feature a robust lineup of sci-fi, thriller, and genre-specific original content, including “Fair Play,” “The Killer,” “Leave the World Behind,” and “Rebel Moon.” The streaming platform has also delivered hits like “The Adam Project,” “Bird Box,” and “The Mother” in these genres.

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